Posted by: jbwuk | February 19, 2010

In haste….

8 days to the festival. Scary…..

The posters have arrived. Yellow has turned lime green and blue purple but apparently it’s quite nice and I shouldn’t quabble. I guess it’s a cultural thing. There is a French post box on the cover/poster and I know it should be yellow, not green!

Quite jealous of Mekella who is reading the Purim spiel blogs as they come in. Very very funny! But she’ll tell you more about it in the next post.

Have finished the introductory loop, the slides you see at the beginning of the session while waiting for the speakers to come on stage. Lots of fun but very time consuming. Hope I haven’t forgotten any logo.

Reading Eli Amir’s The Dove Flyer, an autobiographical novel about a 16 year old boy and his family preparing to leave Baghdad for Israel in the early fifties. I can’t put it down. This gem of a book took only 20 years to be published but finally we can read it in English thanks to Martine and Peter Halban and the support of Pen. Eli Amir will be at Jewish Book Week on Thursday 4 March at 5.30 pm and his session will be free too so don’ t miss it!

Just had a call from a publisher who wants to give us 140 proof copies of  Every Home Needs a Balcony by Israeli writer Rina Frank  they publish in May to distribute to all our speakers and happy members of the public. That’s a fantastic way to get the buzz going and we are delighted! I wish that happened more often.

We’ll also have a door prize for a few sessions with a bag full of books to be won by a lucky ticket holder. Look out at JBW.

Looking forward to reading Rebecca Goldstein’s 36 Arguments for the Existence of God. Apparently it’s a real page turner and very funny. The two people I know here who’ve already read it, adored it. This will be one session not to be missed. What better way to spend a Saturday night than tickle your brain, then enjoy a (free) glass of drink and stay on for our story tellers -comic novelist Jon Canter, Bene Israel writer Esther David, spoken word suprema Rachel Holmes, pirates expert Ed Kritzler, agony aunt Irma Kurtz, all in the safe hands of Lana Citron- and make new friends while chatting with them to decide whether the stories your heard were true or invented.

We’ve had some nice plugs on the cool websites such as Spiked, Londonist and TheArtsDesk. Also discovered Pass on a Poem. Apparently poetry is the new fad and people get together to read poems. Spoke to the lovely organiser who said they read some Amichai and Leonard Cohen at their last session. We are definitely working together next year.

Last but not least, if you know any 8 to 10 year olds around you, bring them or tell their parents about Justin Somper and Inbali Iserles. The kids love their stories of pirates, secret passages, mummies and all sort of exquisitely scary things and you are getting both for a mere £5 on Sunday 7 March. Somper is one of those magicians who get boys to devour books and both can inspire budding writers as well.


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