Posted by: jbwuk | January 19, 2012

‘Everyone has a story. Tell us yours.’ Jewish Book Week Interviews Larry Smith

Larry Smith is the editor of Smith magazine and creator of the hottest (and shortest) new literary form, the Six Word Memoir, The phenomena has already spawned three books including, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs from Writers Famous and Obscure and the forthcoming Oy! Only Six, Why Not More? Six Words on the Jewish Life. You can submit your own or keep an eye on the latest additions on the Smith Magazine website.

He will be taking the form out of New York City, transplanting it for one evening only at this years Jewish Book Week. The event features a brilliant line-up; Lail Arad, Shalom Auslander, Francesca Beard, David Mills and Jamie Glassman on Saturday February 25th at 9:30pm

If you could escape to another world, what would there be that is missing here?‬

Everyone would have a water view.

 ‪What is the book you “inherited” from a parent or teacher
that made a profound impression on you?

My mother’s original copy of Howl.

What is the book you would like to pass on to the future generation?‬
Our Dumb Century: The Onion Presents 100 Years of Headlines from America’s Finest News Source.

‪What is the most Jewish thing you have ever done?‬
Haggled for a Christmas tree.

‪What is the most important Jewish book of the last 60 years?‬
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
[or if you mean more about the Jewish experience, rather than just by a Jewish author, I would say Haven: The Dramatic Story of 1,000 World War II Refugees and How They Came to America by Ruth Gruber]

‪When did you know you would become a writer?‬
In fourth grade.

‪If you were not a writer, what would you be?‬
Run a space that’s a combination of an old-school Russian bathhouse, home for live events and all-ages education center.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?‬
“Do one thing well,” advice given to me from my dad. He also advised:
“At an all-you-can eat buffet, don’t fill up on bread and salad.”

‪What would your superpower be?
Going back in time by one hour.

‪Who (living or dead) would you invite to your ideal Friday
night dinner?‬
Leonard Cohen (for a song), Mario Batali (for the meal), and my Bubbie (so my wife and kid could meet her).

On the very distant day when you will make it to the other
side, what would you like God (assuming there is one) to say to you?
These six words: “You seemed to be enjoying yourself.”



  1. ha-ha the guy is really great! Want more!

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