Posted by: jbwuk | June 11, 2012

Guest Blogger: Alejandra Okret. Fleeting Moments, Fascinating Lectures

Alejandra Okret was our Artist-Blogger-in Residence at JBW 2012.

I am a plastic artist used to expressing myself with images rather than with words.  So why am I blogging Jewish Book Week?  Whether you write or you draw, at the heart of what you are doing is creation, through different media.  I have always been deeply connected to by my Jewish roots and culture.  I have just finished an Artist’s book, interweaving my Father’s memories and my art into a tapestry of the flight and survival of European Jewry. “Frutilla, Fragole, Strawberries“, is now being shown the Ikona Gallery, Campo di Ghetto, Venice, Italy.  So what could be more natural than participating in Jewish Book Week? Blogging such an event is part of the joy of doing – seeing the unknown form into an idea, an object and into a work.  With a myriad of fascinating lectures to choose from, my motivation behind each piece was to capture the fleeting moment and feeling of the lecture I was seeing………

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