Why Bagels and Books?

Why not? These are two things we love among many. Eating and reading are only two of our eclectic passions but quite helpful when you run a book festival. We will tell you about those nurturing literary discoveries we make as we look for the best authors to invite to the next Jewish Book Week. Why not share yours with us?


  1. I recently self-published my first novel ‘Hetty, or, To Hell With Adam Bede’ under the pen name of Ruth Raven (in order to keep my writing persona separate from my working life as a teacher). This was also my first venture into self-publishing- I am also known as Vicki Raymond (Selected Poems published by Carcanet).
    ‘Hetty’ follows the fortunes of Hetty Sorrel, the girl from George Eliot’s ‘Adam Bede’, after her transportation to Australia as a convict. The Methodism of her cousin Dinah Morris does not survive the voyage abroad one of the notorious ‘floating brothels’, but her friendship with a Jewish family begins to open her mind to a wider and more complex world and sets her feet on a surprising adventure.

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